Analysis on the problem of half poisoning after sputtering of target material

- Jul 20, 2017-

Problem: Deposition of zirconium nitride films by reactive magnetron sputtering technology target is two inches, sputtering gas is argon gas, reaction gas is N2, power 300W, RF power, deposited two hours, after the target a look at the phenomenon described in the title, is targeted poisoning or other reasons, but why only half of the show?

Cause Analysis 1: May be related to the introduction of RF power supply

Cause Analysis 2: Such a small target, two inches? cooling evenly?

Reason Analysis 3: Such a small target plus 300W power, cooling to keep up? Suspicion is that cooling is not good, causing half the hair!

Cause Analysis 4: cooling is not enough. Is the temperature too high?

Cause Analysis 5: May be associated with high power, my diameter of 60 of the target power only dare to add to around 100W

Cause Analysis 6: Is the power supply stable in two hours? Maybe it's too much energy, or it could be a target.

Cause Analysis 7: Suspected tightness has a problem, personally think

Resolution 1: Recommendation 1 Check gas uniformity; 2) is there a leak on one side?

Resolution 2: Suggest to do an XPS analysis, or do a experiments again to see.

Summary: Comprehensive analysis of the reasons, resulting in the target poisoning caused by the main cause of the high temperature, power supply instability, gas uniformity and gas tightness. Check out these possible main reasons and step-by-step troubleshooting.