Samsung to launch OLED-bending cell phone target demand is imminent

- Jul 20, 2017-

According to media reports, next year, Samsung will launch two OLED screen smartphone new products, of which a are the screen can be folded like a cosmetic box smartphone, the other is "two-in-one" smartphone, 5-inch screen smartphone spread out can become a 8-inch tablet. The two-bend smartphone will be unveiled at the World Mobile Conference in Barcelona next year. There has been news that Apple will unveil its OLED display handset next year.

Industry insiders say, flexibility is the killer of OLED, can curl is the ultimate form of OLED. Membrane material is the key to achieve flexibility, and the target material is the main raw materials of electronic thin film materials. In the future, the use of flexible oleds will increase significantly, and the corresponding target material will be greatly increased. It is predicted that the market size of sputtering target will exceed US $16 billion in the next 5 years.