Application And Development Prospect Of Sputtering Target Materials

- Jul 20, 2017-

1. Decorative Coating

Decorative coating mainly refers to mobile phones, watches, glasses, sanitary ware, metal parts and other products of the surface coating, not only played a role in beautifying the color, but also wear-resistant, corrosion and other functions. The continuous improvement of people's living standard requires more and more daily necessities to carry out decorative coating, so the demand of target material for decorative coating is increasing. The main target materials for decorative coating are chromium (CR) target, titanium (TI) target, zirconium (ZR), Nickel (NI), Tungsten (w), Titanium Aluminum (tial), stainless steel target, etc.

2. Mold Coating

Mold coating is mainly used for tools, mold surface hardening, can significantly improve the tool, mold life and the quality of processed parts. In recent years, driven by the development of aerospace and automobile industry, the technical level and production efficiency of the global manufacturing industry have made great strides, and the demand for high performance tools and moulds is increasing. At present, the global industrial mold coating market mainly in Europe, America and Japan. According to statistics, the developed countries have more than 90% machine tool coating ratio. The proportion of cutting tool coating in China is also increasing, and the demand of target material for cutting tool is increasing. The main varieties of target materials for the die coating are: tial target, CR-AL (cral) target, CR Target, ti target, etc.

3. Glass Coating

The application of target materials in glass is mainly to make low radiation coated glass, that is to use magnetron sputtering principle to sputter multilayer film on Glass to achieve energy saving, light control and decoration. Low-radiation coated glass, also known as energy-saving glass, in recent years, with the energy-saving emission reduction and improve people's quality of life needs increase, the traditional building glass is gradually replaced by energy-saving glass. It is in this market demand driven, at present almost all large-scale glass deep-processing enterprises are rapidly increasing the production line of coated glass. Corresponding to this, the demand of the target material of the coating is increasing rapidly, the main target varieties are: Silver (AG) target, CR Target, ti target, Ni-cr (NICR) target, zinc tin (ZNSN) target, Silicon aluminum (sial) target, titanium oxide (Tixoy) target, etc.