Application Field Of Target Material

- Jul 20, 2017-

It is well known that the technology development trend of target material is closely related to the development trend of thin film technology in downstream application industry, and the technology of target material should be changed with the technology improvement of application industry in film products or components.

such as IC manufacturer. In recent years, the development of low resistivity copper wiring is expected to replace the original aluminum film, so that the development of target material for the copper target and its barrier layer will be urgently required. In addition, in recent years, planar display (F P D) has largely replaced the computer display and TV market which is mainly based on cathode ray tube (CRT). will also substantially increase the technology and market demand of ITO target materials. In addition to storage technology. High-density, high-capacity hard drives, high density erasable CD-ROM requirements continue to increase. All these results in the change of the demand of the target material in the application industry. Below we will introduce the main application fields of target materials, as well as the development trend of target materials in these areas.